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In Search of Dragons

My wife and I are food junkies. There are some opportunities that we sometimes cannot resist putting everything on hold to indulge ourselves. This past weekend our taste buds were perked up by potential to revisit the taste of Dragon Fruit.

The first time we tasted the dragon fruit, we were in Hawaii and shopping in an ABC store. At the time I thought it was fun, but the delightful moist "egg" almost melts in your mouth.

Getting back to the present, my wife found an Organic Dragon Fruit farm in Ramona, CA. It didn't take long for her to drag me into the car and head out on the road. 

While there we sampled 6 different Dragon Fruit from the front display table. It was nice to pick your favorite flavor. The coloring ranges from white, lavender, purple and deep red. Some are sweet like a strawberry, the seeds are crunchy like a kiwi and have a soft texture. The final product was an explosion in our mouths.

The farm was organic, and the fruit was picked fresh off the vine. The fruit can last sometime in the refrigerator, but may lose some of the sweetness. The farmer also dehydrated Dragon Fruit, which was a sensation I never had before, it was like a wafer made with taffy.

Here are photos of the Dragon Fruit Haul (my wife labeled the different varieties in the first photo):

Here is a photo from the tour we took around the property.

Here are some dragon fruit we bought at the store. The yellow dragon fruit comes from Ecuador, it's a sweet variety with white flesh. The Vietnamese Giant is also a white variant but has no flavor to it.

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