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Yes, Pineapples come in Pink too

 If you want a pink pina colada there is a unique pineapple genetically modified, and bioengineered for you. Surprisingly it tastes just like pineapple, from the looks of it I was expecting more of a watermelon flavor.

Pinkglow Jewel of the Jungle®, as it's called, was created by Del Monte Fresh Produce, and is grown in Costa Rica. We saw it at 99 Ranch Market and decided to give it a try.

The box is pink and inside the box is a typical-looking pineapple, with the exception that the top is cut off (we presume they do that to prevent people from growing it in their garden).  Check out the pics below.

Google Lens: a fun translation

Tonight my wife and I went to the 99 Ranch Market, a Asian grocery store. My wife saw a fun cat themed air freshener, but wanted to know what scent it was. The packaging was only in Japanese. So I whipped out my Google Pixel and took a photo. Using the Google Lens translate feature I deciphered the text. Apparently the Fluffy freesia scent attracts cats, but my wife was not interested.

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